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awaregraphics's Journal

Aware Graphics by Sabishisa
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I'm Sabishisa. Call me Sabi, everyone does ^^ You can find my personal journal at kyo_ai. I'm typically a pixel artist but I venture into graphics once in a while so I thought I'd create this journal to share. I'm still learning so any tips, links to helpful sites or (nice!) critiques would be really great! My graphics will mostly center around Jrock/pop and venture once in a while into anime and hentai. I'm a huge fan of Dir en Grey, Gazette, LM.C, Janne da Arc and Johnny's Jrs, so you can expect to see them often.
Always give credit to awaregraphics when using my graphics on LJ and link back to this community when using them elsewhere!

Do not redistrubute or offer on any other sites. These are my works and I wish them to be collected only here.

You may not edit my works or use them for anything other than they were meant to be used for. For example, you may not take a Friends Only banner, edit out the text and use to to make a layout. Icons are to be used as icons, FO banners as FO banners, etc.

Please leave a comment if you take! You don't have to of course, but it is nice. If you have any tips or helpful critiques, feel free to leave them!

You may NOT use my textless icons as bases. If you would like text added to them, contact me and I'll consider making it for you.
This community may contain adult content! As such, to be added as a member and view adult content-related posts, you MUST have your birth year in the Basic Info section of your profile when you request membership (and be over 18, of course)! If you are under 18 or do not wish to provide your birth year, feel free to watch. All adult content posts will be members only.
Currently: Open.

Just email, IM, or leave a comment with the image you want used, all the specifics, and if you want it offered publicly or not. Requests will be filled whenever I get the time so don't rush me. I may refuse your request and I reseve the right to do so without explanation as to why I turned you down.
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Resources Index
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Layout, featuring Maya of LM.C, made by me. Image used in the profile features Kyo of Dir en Grey. Mood theme by kurabu. All other credits (image sources, brushes, textures, etc) can be viewed at the Resources Index above.